Design Support Services

CRAIG CONSULTING augments Designers’ Services. Contact us for the following assistance:

  • Up to date Code requirements for Building Envelope Energy Requirements
  • Review of designs, plans, and specifications, Div. 7
  • Value engineering options
  • Inside information on common building envelope components and systems that often fail
  • Low-slope roofing designs that work (Most perform poorly)
  • EIFS – Exterior Insulation and Finishing System. (These work great when designed correctly).
  • Air –Weather Barrier Designing
  • Able to provide details for reference very quickly
  • Assist  with editing and writing specifications
  • C.I. Continuous Insulation cladding systems
  • Construction Administration-Submittal reviews – Div. 7
  • Assessing and addressing moisture intrusion events
  • Technical support during construction
  • Best to engage us early in the project but we can step in at any time when needed.
  • Manufacturer and product recommendations

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command

The CRAIG CONSULTING team and associates are experienced, carry the required certifications and insurance, and ready to  help contractors and designers  meet the latest project contract requirements related to Division 7, (Thermal & Moisture Protection) Contact us for the following services:

  • Alternate - Construction Quality Management
  • Review of designs, plans, and specifications, Div. 7
  • Value engineering options
  • Roofing Monitoring
  • EIFS – Exterior Insulation and Finishing System
  • Air Barrier Auditing
  • Air leakage testing
  • Building envelope ASTM testing
  • Infrared surveys
  • C.I. Continuous Insulation cladding systems
  • Submittal reviews – Div. 7
  • Assessing and addressing moisture intrusion events
  • Technical support for the contractors during construction
  • Paint and concrete coatings inspections and testing

Our Mission

We believe that the process of designing and constructing a successful project is complex and can often overwhelm even the most diligent and experienced Architect, Developer and Contractor. This frequently leads to a reduction in the time available for researching, assessing, and, ultimately, deciding on the most effective and efficient materials and methods to provide long-term moisture and thermal protection to the building. Also, staff may not be well informed, updated, or have enough experienced to assure that the project’s moisture protection plans will be effective

One way to address this issue is to engage an experienced individual or team and delegate some or all of the building enclosure-waterproofing responsibilities, leaving more time to manage all the other tasks. Ideally any consultant considered can be flexible to adapt to each project’s unique set of needs be it a brief review of plans, a few design sketches, perhaps a field inspection or test, or, a fuller involvement where the consultant can be the “one call to get it done”.

Craig Consulting’s mission is to help clients effectively and efficiently resolve all categories of waterproofing for structures, from below-grade to the roof.

Bob Craig has been in the Architectural Design and Construction Inspection field for 30 years. The last 12 has been devoted exclusively to building enclosure consultation services. His specialty is drafting fast, large scale, full color detail sketches customized to each project’s unique conditions and challenges. Clients appreciate being able to see and understand how components layout, connect to, and interface with adjacent materials, and enables enhanced team collaboration